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I've been a fan of horror for my whole life, my first film in a theater was actually Freddy VS Jason. I was 6 years old when I begged my mom to take me to the theater in 2003 and vividly remember having so much happiness and emotion for what I thought was the best film ever made. I also have fond memories of constantly annoying my mom to take me to local video rental stores where I'd choose horror films with the coolest covers or the ones I've seen over and over, which eventually turned into lifetime favorites.

As an adult, I still collect merchandise and movies like a kid in a candy store, as well as spend my weekends and evenings watching the genre religiously. Horror has always been my best friend and the ultimate escape from reality. 

In the back of my mind, I've always had this dream of being in horror films or apart of them somehow. Whether that be writing, SPFX, directing, producing, or acting. I never, ever thought it would be possible to make my biggest dream a reality until I met Tristan.

After becoming best friends at a local horror convention, I sent him a short story I did for Creative Writing in high-school and it quickly spawned into our first feature film, Red Eye. Since elementary school, I've loved to write stories and create characters. Obviously horror stories...I may or may not have been kicked out of my creative writing class in high-school, haha. Once Tristan and I combined our passions for film and horror, nothing could stop us from doing what we've always dreamt of. It's such a surreal feeling to work in the genre that has impacted my life so much. Horror has made me into the person I am today and honestly, I still pinch myself/geek out on every set I go too, even if it's my own.

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I've always been fascinated by how a film is created, the entire process from pre-production to post-production has always intrigued me. Although I wasn't allowed to watch horror films as a child, that didn't hinder my passion for them one bit. I always found a way to secretly watch them, even if that meant stashing VHS tapes in my room. I also have many fond memories of making "movies" as a kid where I would put on Ghostface masks and make my own sequels. 


I began attending horror conventions in 2013. This is where I finally found people that were like me. I was no longer the weirdo or outcast and it was such an incredible feeling. Shortly after my first convention, I met Destinie at a local horror convention in Ohio. We have since became bestfriends and built off each other and grown our similar goals and passion into Deranged Minds Entertainment.

In the horror genre, you can focus on all of the real terrors of the world. You can focus on subjects that you usually do not get to see in other genres. In horror, there is no limit to what can be done or what line can be crossed and that is why horror will always be the definitive genre for my passion and projects.

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