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Deranged Minds Entertainment is an independent film production company founded by Destinie Orndoff and Tristan Clay in 2015.


The duo met at a horror convention in March of the same year and graduated high school two months later - only to create their first feature-length horror film, "Red Eye" the following summer.


Grossing over $12k in a passion-fueled fundraising campaign allowed the young filmmakers to make their biggest dream a reality – creating a horror film.


With "Red Eye" and a couple of short films under their belt, the duo successfully raised funds once again to start production on their second feature horror film – "Inverted" in 2019.


Teaching themselves to step into every role, from script writing, casting, and set design, all the way to trailer cutting, special effects, and digital marketing - Deranged Minds continues to create with a mission of collaborating with more aspiring artists to help make their own dream a reality too. 

Best Feature Nominee - San Antonio Horrific Film Festival -                     Red Eye
Best Scream Queen - Midwest Horror Fest -        Destinie Orndoff  Red Eye
Best Director Nominee - San Antonio Horrific Film Festival -                     Red Eye
Writer | Producer | Actress
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My first film in a theater was Freddy VS Jason


I was 6 years old when I begged my mom to take me to the theater, and vividly remember having so much happiness and emotion for what I thought (and still think) was the best film ever created.


Writing, SPFX, directing, producing, all fascinates me. I watch "making of" documentaries so many times I subconsciously memorize them. Not ashamed at all. Seeing how films are made makes me so happy.

Horror has always been my best friend and the ultimate escape from reality.  In the back of my mind, I've always had a dream of being in horror films or a part of them somehow.


I never thought it was possible to make my biggest dream a reality until I met this guy.


After becoming best friends at a local horror convention, I sent him a short story I did for creative writing in high school, and it quickly spawned our first feature horror film. 


We were the high school rejects that found everything we love in the other person, and nothing could stop us from doing what we've always dreamt of.


Horror has made me into the person I am today, and honestly, I still pinch myself/geek out on every set I go to, even if it's my own.

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Director | Writer | Producer

The red light on an early 2000s camcorder flickers on.


It tracks down a long hallway and into a garage. A young boy is yelling for help.


Another kid in a Ghostface mask jumps up from behind a car. He runs toward the boy and hits him in the chest with a plastic costume knife. Fake blood is thrown from off-camera as the kids wrestle on the ground.


That was the highlight of my childhood.


I've always been fascinated by how a film is created.


Although I wasn't technically allowed to watch horror films as a kid, that didn't stop me from making my own sequels and stashing my favorites on VHS.


I began attending horror conventions in 2013, and that's where I finally found people like me. I was no longer the weirdo or the outcast, and it was such an incredible feeling.


In March 2015, it was like the stars aligned. I met this girl at a local horror convention in Ohio, and we quickly became inseparable.


Crazy ideas of making films and being on set filled our daily conversations. Until one day, those crazy ideas bled over into reality.


Deranged Minds Entertainment is for all the weirdos. All the outcasts. For all the rejects that were told they wouldn't amount to anything.


If we did it, so can you.

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